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Technology can be a great way to stay connected, but do you ever feel like you just need to unplug? A digital detox can be just the thing to refresh and energize you for a healthier digital lifestyle. It’s time to turn off the technology and get in touch with the real world. Read on to learn why digital detoxing is so beneficial and what guidance you can employ to take a break from the digital world.

1. Replenishing Your Mind Through ‘Digital Detox’

In this age of digital distraction, it can be difficult to block out the ceaseless flow of distraction from our phones, laptops and TVs, so the idea of a ‘digital detox’ can be enticing. A digital detox is a period of time in which you reduce or eliminate your use of digital devices and social media.

Here are some tips for getting started:

  • Set limits. Decide ahead of time how long you plan to go without digital tools. An hour, a day, a week? Make sure it’s realistic, choosing something that you can follow through on.
  • Let others know your plans. Telling friends and family about your digital detox creates accountability and support.
  • Find a replacement. Instead of spending time on your digital device, find something else to do— something that actually re-energizes or relaxes you. You could journal, take a walk, read a book, attend a yoga class, etc.

The idea of a digital detox can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Take it in small steps, and don’t be scared to take a break from technology. What’s important is that you take some time to focus on yourself, and remember that while a digital detox isn’t going to solve all the world’s tech addiction problems, it’s an important step in replenishing your mental energy.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or exhausted from the daily pull of your digital devices, try taking a break. Build “me” time into your weekly routine, and treat it the same way you’d do with a workout or yoga class— with commitment and respect.

By replacing time spent with technology with more mindful, healthy activities, you will begin to reap the physical and mental rewards that come with a digital detox. That feeling of calm that comes from taking a break from your digital devices is an invaluable tool that will give you an emotional and mental reset.

2. The Benefits Of Taking A Break From Technology

Stressed Out By Technology? Unplug And Reset

Taking a break from technology can arguably be the best thing we can do for our mental and even physical wellbeing. It can help us reconnect to the world around us and truly appreciate the simple things in life.

Being immersed in technology every single day can be overwhelming and it can cause us to miss out on moments that make life beautiful. Unplugging ourselves from all of that noise and simply enjoying a few days or weeks with no technology can allow us to reset and start a new refreshed.

  • Gains Clarity – Staying away from technology can help us refocus and gain clarity. This can help us figure out what the most important things in life are and what is actually worth our attention.
  • Improves Sleep – Constant usage of technology can lead to poor sleeping patterns and overall lower quality of sleep. This break helps us heal our body and mind and get much needed rest which in turn boosts overall productivity.
  • More Active Life – Without the distractions, you are more likely to engage yourself in more activities such as exercising, reading books and getting more involved in the community.
  • Happier MindState – A break from technology allows us to rest our minds and feel less overwhelmed with all the chaos and stress that comes with it. You can be left feeling rejuvenated and much happier afterwards.

Taking a break from technology is one of the most important and beneficial things that we can learn to do. We become more present in the moment, refocus our lives and generally feel better overall. All of these can lead to improved mental and physical health and with that comes a much happier life.

3. Strategies For Unplugging & Recharging

We’ve all heard the familiar adage “may you live in interesting times.” The challenge of that same idea—that the most exciting times in life are also the most hectic—can hit us hard. When life becomes too chaotic, it’s best to unplug and recharge. Here are some tips to do so.

  • Take a solo road trip. Go somewhere you’ve always wanted to explore. Taking a road trip alone is actually a great way to recharge, and it can make you find new secrets around the places you visit.
  • Turn off the tech. No TVs, no laptops, no smartphones. Unplug the world and focus on yourself. Take a break and sometimes the chaos of life needs to have to be swapped for a serene silence.
  • Pick up an old hobby. Dig out the boardgames, revisit your favorite books, or dust off that camera that’s been lying around. Enjoy the feeling of nostalgia and get a taste of what life was like before those gadgets!
  • Create a wellness plan. Make time to take care of your body, mind, and soul. Schedule some yoga, meditation, or guided deep breathing into your day — find whatever works best for you and take the time to focus on your physical and mental wellbeing.
  • Take a social media Sabbatical. Though social media has many benefits, it can be overwhelming and never-ending. Schedule yourself a break and take a break from checking those Twitter feeds and Instagram posts — living in the present is important too!

It can be discouraging to think about how many modern gadgets are part of our everyday lives, but it’s important to take the time to unplug and recharge ourselves. It’s not selfish — it’s necessary to maintain our energy and enthusiasm. Start with small, simple ways like these strategies and turn it into a regular habit.

The key to finding balance and success in life is to not succumb to the pressure of modern life — unplug and recharge to reclaim your peace and keep the excitement alive!

4. Crafting A Meaningful Digital Lifestyle

In this day and age, technology has an ever increasing presence in our lives. With advances in digital technology, people now have the ability to lead a more enriched digital lifestyle. As our daily lives move increasingly online, mastering how to craft a meaningful digital lifestyle can have a real positive impact on our overall life satisfaction.

Change Your Mindset
First and foremost, begins with a shift in outlook. Rather than treating technology as a distraction, considering it a tool to improve our lives is a great start. Once you start to think of tech as a way to enrich your daily life, crafting the lifestyle you desire will be much easier.

Develop A Digital Routine
Once you’ve change your mindset towards tech, the next step is to create a daily digital routine. Think about how you want to incorporate tech into your life and break it down into simple, achievable steps. Whether it’s setting a reminder that your favorite podcast is live every week or setting aside time to read the latest articles on your favorite blog, your digital routine should be personalized and achievable.

While creating a meaningful digital lifestyle does require incorporating technology, it’s equally or even more important to know when to take a step back. This doesn’t mean completely tuning out of our digital lives, but setting limits on the amount of tech in our lives is essential in creating a balanced lifestyle.

Make It Yours
The final step in is making it your own. Everyone’s lifestyle will be different, so it’s important to craft a setup that works for you. Whether you want to stream your favorite music to power your day, or set a limit of e-mails you reply to each day, have fun with it and make it your own.

  • Change Your Mindset
  • Develop A Digital Routine
  • Unplug
  • Make It Yours

When it comes to our digital lives, we can all do with a little “detox” every once in a while. Taking the time to unplug allows us to get a more balanced perspective on technology, and to focus more on things that are important to us. Not to mention, it’s a great way to ensure a healthier digital lifestyle. So, why not give it a try? The rewards just might surprise you!

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